• Pet Door for swinging door Med 8"X 11"

    Measure the width of your actual door.
    Measure from the top of your threshold to the inside top of the door frame. Tip: measure 10" from the top, then from the bottom to the 10" mark, add 10". Video on website. https://youtu.be/EgDAYkEn3U8
    Door swinging inward, knob is on your left, then it's left to right. Door swinging outward, you would stand outside facing door,if knob is on the right, then it's right to left.
    Measure from the bottom, at the top of your threshold to the center hole where your deadbolt enters the door frame.
    Measure from bottom, at the top of your threshold to the center of the strike plate where your doorknob bolt enters your door frame.

    Medium Pet Door for French Door for the following breeds:

    Minature Schnauzers, American Saffordshite Terriers, Sottish Terriers, Cavalier King Charles, Beagles, Sheland Sheepdogs

    These panels are completely sealed at top and bottom with folding flaps. The panel is also lined with weather stripping. A door sock or insulation sleeve is provided to be used where the door hinges are for a complete seal. With its deadbolt attached to the panel, and its latch, the panel is able to be locked. 

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